Pink Turtles

Let's pioneer Open Design together!

Pink Turtles is a platform for you and other creatives to work on digital products together. Share your project with the world to make everyone in the world able to help you or learn from your experience.

Share your projects and inspire others to collaborate with you.

Help the projects that excite you by doing what you love.

Get new ideas and learn from your fellow creators.

Nowadays open source projects give every developer the ability to improve them or learn from other's code. However, people who don’t know how to code (designers, marketers, researchers, etc.) are mostly unable to participate in them or collaborate in such a productive way.

We'd love to make everyone able to learn from others' work as well as design and propose non-code improvements to existing products.

about open design

Open Design is the development of systems through the use of publicly shared design information. It's like open source software, but for all design decisions and assets: research, user tests, analysis, collective ideation, prototypes, and mockups. Similar to open source software, Open Design fosters active collaboration and learning — creatives will be able to study others' work and easily contribute to improve projects.

Revolutionary design tools like Figma will keep appearing and making collaboration in design more accessible. I believe that nothing great is created in isolation. And design is not just pretty pictures you can make in Figma. Novices will stop thinking of design in terms of cool pictures they see on Behance and Dribbble when they will see the decisions behind them.

All new designers could learn the experience of others by studying Open Design projects. They also could submit their work, help in the development of the system, and at the same time get the experience and work for their portfolio. What's better — anyone could submit their contribution — nobody will look at their portfolio or interview them. It opens another learning opportunity, because if your work is rejected — people will talk to you and probably explain why, and maybe even suggest improvements. Peer creators could go as far as improving the works of others if they support their ideas.


Short-term: share the Pink Turtles project like the other Open Design projects will be shared in the future

Long-term: become the open design hub


Build bridges between culture, design, art and technology through transparency and collaboration

plan & progress

todo list

You can choose a task and contribute to Pink Turtles. Contributors and their contribution to the project will appear on a contributor page, so you can show it in your portfolio.

explain the idea, write description, goals, misson

decide what will be on the landing page

design landing page

code landing page

choose license

create contributors pages for every member of our team (two pages)

prepare content for every platform where we will share the idea

share with others

links & files

You can use these files to contribute to the project. Let us know about your work, we need to know your name to place it on the page.

brand: figma file

platform design: figma file